Chair's comments

May 2018

At long last spring has arrived although at times it seems that we have been propelled straight into summer. This made the London Marathon even more of a challenge for the runners this year, with temperatures in the mid-seventies.
The winter was longer and much colder than it has been for several years and the snow made life difficult for us all.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped to clear the snow from roads and pavements in the area.  Unfortunately the weather has had an adverse effect on the roads and there are a large number of potholes that now require attention.
A major landmark on the Peninsula disappeared in March this year with the demolition of the chimney at Kingsnorth power station.  It was an emotional moment for a lot of people who had helped with its construction and for those who had worked at the power station.
Medway Council is intent on building as many new homes as possible on the peninsula in the near future in order to satisfy the government’s demand for more housing in the south east.  There are already several developments underway and these will further stretch local services and the infrastructure which can barely cope at the present time.  We all know how difficult it can be to make an appointment to see a doctor and Medway hospital struggles to cope with the present population.
In our village litter continues to be a problem as does the fact that some irresponsible people refuse to clean up after their dogs.  These problems are all unacceptable and show a complete disregard for other people.  There are plenty of bins provided in the village so there is no excuse.
Fly-tipping also continues to be a problem in the lanes around the village.  Homeowners can be prosecuted if they are found to have employed anyone to remove rubbish from their home who doesn’t have a waste carriers licence.  Please remember this if you are renovating your house or just clearing away rubbish.
The parish council continues to maintain the playparks and some areas in the village that are not maintained by Medway Council.  We also continue to support the Village Hall wherever possible in order for it to be available to local people.  If you are planning an event please consider the hall as a venue.  It needs to be used if it is to remain open.
Finally I would like once again to thank my fellow councillors and the clerk for all their hard work during the year.


Quick information:
Your Parish Councillors are:Cllr BStone - Chairman, Cllr Mrs M Elmes - Vice-Chairman, Cllr G Barron, Cllr P Tungate, Cllr Mrs Julia Cherry, Cllr G Blackman, Cllr R Bridge.
Police Contacts: The local officer for Stoke and the Peninsula is PCSO Sean Alderton. Non-urgent crime reports and enquires call 101. Still use 999 for all emergencies.