Chair's comments

May 2017

When I wrote my report last year we were anticipating the referendum on our continued membership of the EU.  We are now looking forward to yet another vote in the form of a General Election to decide who will lead the negotiations for BREXIT.

Apart from this life in Stoke continues as normal with the same problems causing concern.  Litter and fly-tipping are major issues with a relatively few people spoiling the village and the surrounding area for the rest of the community.  Litter on our streets is a totally unnecessary problem, caused by just a few people who seem to think that it is quite acceptable to empty their hands, pockets and cars of whatever they no longer want and leave it to blow around the streets until someone else cleans it up. Please use the bins provided in the village or take your rubbish home.  Fly-tipped waste is unsightly, can be dangerous, is costly to remove and illegal.  As householders we are all responsible for the proper removal of our waste items.  If this is done by a private contractor they must have a licence to carry and dispose of waste otherwise they are acting illegally and so are you if you employ them.

I would like to remind everyone that household waste and recycling should not be left out overnight. Unfortunately we have a large population of foxes in the area and they take great delight in scavenging through rubbish sacks and leaving the remains on the pavements.  If this happens with your rubbish please act responsibly and clean it up.

Illegal and anti-social parking is another cause for concern and while it is appreciated that it is often difficult to park in some parts of the village that should not be an excuse for parking in front of gateways and at junctions.

Medway Council held an open day at the village hall to showcase the Medway Plan.  This was well attended by local people who were eager to raise their concerns.  These were mainly regarding the prospect of multiple developments taking place before any improvements to infrastructure, the shortage of school places and the existing problems in making appointments at local doctors’ surgeries, which are already overwhelmed due to the difficulties in persuading doctors to come to the area.

Medway Council would like to close the public toilet in the centre of Lower Stoke.  We are in discussion with Medway Council about this and hope that it will be possible to keep it open.

The Parish Council continues to maintain the village playparks and they are well used by the local children.  We are also continuing with the maintenance contract for the upkeep of areas in the village.  We  support the Village Hall Committee where possible to ensure that the hall is able to remain open and provide a much needed resource in the village.  However as with the other amenities in the village, the shops and churches, they will only survive if they are used and that is down to all of us.

I would like to thank the rest of the Parish Council for their commitment to the village and also to the members of the public who attend any of the monthly meetings in order to raise their concerns.  Our meetings are open to the public and all are welcome, so come along and see what we do.


Quick information:
Your Parish Councillors are:Cllr BStone - Chairman, Cllr Mrs M Elmes - Vice-Chairman, Cllr G Barron, Cllr P Tungate, Cllr Mrs Julia Cherry, Cllr G Blackman, Cllr R Bridge.
Police Contacts: The local officer for Stoke and the Peninsula is PCSO Sean Alderton. Non-urgent crime reports and enquires call 101. Still use 999 for all emergencies.