The Local Government Act 1972 provided parish councils with a new claim to fame. They are now the oldest local authority and the only type of local authority encompassed by the Act not to be maimed or executed.

Every parish there shall be a parish meeting for the purpose of discussing parish affairs. The parish has continued its role as the lowest tier of our local government system, bringing the principles of representative democracy and local self-government to our rural areas and long my it continue

Stoke Parish Council was formed in 1894. Its records can be found in Medway Councils archives.

Quick information:
Your Parish Councillors are: Cllr BStone - Chairman, Cllr Mrs M Elmes - Vice-Chairman, Cllr G Barron, Cllr P Tungate, Cllr Mrs Julia Cherry, Cllr G Blackman, Cllr R Bridge.
Police Contacts: The local officer for Stoke and the Peninsula is PCSO Sean Alderton. Non-urgent crime reports and enquires call 101. Still use 999 for all emergencies.