Planning Applications

MC/18/3347 - Land Rear Of Walnut Tree Farm
MC/18/1100 - The Nags Head
MC/17/2940 - Land adjacent to Rookery Nook, Upper Stoke - Decision made.
MC/17/1714 - Medway Microlights
MC/17/1518 - River Maye Cottage
MC/17/1322 - Construction of a new pump station building
MC/17/1088 - Stoke Supplies
MC/17/1180 - Court Lodge Farm
MC/17/1204 - Court Lodge Farm
MC/17/2722 - Court Lodge Farm
MC/17/3436 - Malmaynes Hall Farm - Decision Made
MC/17/3334 - Malmaynes Hall Solar Farm
MC/16/3558 - Sturch Field
MC/18/3590 - Resubmisson of MC/18/1736 (PDF, 87kb )

Quick information:
Your Parish Councillors are:Cllr BStone - Chairman, Cllr Mrs M Elmes - Vice-Chairman, Cllr G Barron, Cllr P Tungate, Cllr Mrs Julia Cherry, Cllr G Blackman, Cllr R Bridge.
Police Contacts: The local officer for Stoke and the Peninsula is PCSO Sean Alderton. Non-urgent crime reports and enquires call 101. Still use 999 for all emergencies.