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Invitation to Workshop - Updating Medway Rights of Way Improvement Plan

Dear Mr Morrad
 As outlined to Stoke Parish Council in our letter of 24 April 2018, Medway Council is currently updating its Rights of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP).  
 The input of parish councils is important in producing the new ROWIP. We would therefore like to invite parish council representatives and other interested individuals to a workshop. The aims of the workshop will be to:
• Update parishes on the content and aims of the new ROWIP;
• Understand if there are any areas of concern for parishes regarding their rights of way;
• Find out if there are any specific problems and locations of issues in the parish, e.g. maintenance and infrastructure;
• Understand what the parish ambitions are for the rights of way (e.g. promoted routes, fewer stiles, more accessible routes, better connected network, better maintenance) and specific projects or locations of paths.
 The workshop for Stoke Parish Council will be held on:
 Wednesday 26th September
10am – 12.30pm
Stoke Village Hall, Mallard Way, Lower Stoke, ME3 9ST
 The workshops are being organised by an external consultant, Sharon Bayne, on behalf of Medway Council. Could you please confirm how many people will be attending the workshop to Sharon on email or by phone on 01622 746316. 

Interested members of the public and non-parish representatives are also welcome to attend and any support you could give in publicising this event would be appreciated.
 We look forward to working with you over the coming months in preparing Medway’s Rights of Way Improvement Plan.
 Yours sincerely

Adam Taylor
Public Rights of Way Officer



Village Voices report from Stoke Parish Council.
Highways.  The Parish Clerk has contacted the Church Commissioners in relation the poor condition of driveway in front of 1 and 2 Parsonage Cottages (The Street, Upper Stoke).

The Parish Clerk has contacted the highways authority (Medway Council) to raise concern about insufficient cutting back of overgrown vegetation at the A228 Middle Stoke junction and along the footpath from Middle Stoke to Lower Stoke (around the pedestrian crossing).

Play Parks.  Work to refurbish the Parish Council’s play parks has begun and will be completed before the start of the children’s summer holiday later this month.  The work is costing a fixed price of £1,376.90.

Code of Conduct for Parish Councillors.  There is now a new and agreed Code of Conduct for Parish Councillors, a copy of which has been sent to Medway Council.  The document is also available on the Parish Council’s website or by phoning the Parish Clerk on 01634 270270.

Tree Survey.  As a result of a contract being awarded to undertake the 15 monthly survey of trees on Parish Council owned/rented land (an insurance requirement) the survey is being carried out this month.

Standing Orders.  These have been updated and are available on the Parish Council website. 

Stoke Big Lunch Donation.  The Parish Council donated £200 to Stoke Big Lunch (held on 10th June at Button Drive Play Park), following a request from the organisers.



Quick information:
Your Parish Councillors are: Cllr BStone - Chairman, Cllr Mrs M Elmes - Vice-Chairman, Cllr G Barron, Cllr P Tungate, Cllr Mrs Julia Cherry, Cllr G Blackman, Cllr R Bridge.
Police Contacts: The local officer for Stoke and the Peninsula is PCSO Sean Alderton. Non-urgent crime reports and enquires call 101. Still use 999 for all emergencies.